First comes love, then comes marriage
& Alan

Our Story

The first interaction of the couple starts with a group order of a cup of bubble tea, followed with an overtime duties that needs to be finished. The day was long, Monic still have a lot of tasks that she needs to finish, but the night was longer still, so Alan took her out for a dinner.

It was Valentine's Day, there were plenty of discounts for couples, so in the spirit of being frugal, the two pretended to be a couple. They laughed, ate, shared their theories on the PC RPG that they both love and they forgot the fact that they hadn't known each other for long at that time. In that fleeting moment, that is when they realized that the world seems so much more beautiful when they are together.

Holy Matrimony

16 July 2022, Saturday

10 AM onwards

Immaculate Heart of Saint Virgin Mary Church

Kumetiran No.13, Yogyakarta



Your presence is more than enough! But if you want to help us prepare for our new life together, we've set up an online cash registry. Thanks in advance!